We have just launched the Elearning platform of the Brazilian Linguistics Association: Abralin EAD. Abralin’s e-learning platform is a project that has been discussed for quite some time. The advent of the pandemic, however, made it a priority for us.

Abralin EAD uses an extremely powerful and widely known platform by the academic community: Moodle. Anyone can take Abralin courses on the platform. For some courses, it is necessary to be an Abralin member, with the current year’s annuity duly paid. To apply for membership, a member needs to log into the membership system and complete the membership form available in the forms section (only visible to members who have paid the current year’s membership fee). All courses offered on the Abralin EAD platform are free.

Abralin has always been recognized for its educational role. The Abralin Institute is one of the oldest activity of the Association. Now, with the Abralin EAD platform, the courses offered by the Association will be made available continuously (and permanently, when applicable) for the dissemination of knowledge of Linguistics.